Loofball inaugurated in Adamawa State

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Champions jubilant at the end of the maiden loofball competition

The inaugural competition of Loofball has ended in colourful fashion in Numan, Adamawa State. The tournament which took place from 26th September to 2nd October, 2018 featured four teams of male players, all under the age of 20.
The final of the event had in attendance many community leaders and sports enthusiasts, among whom were Chief Professor Wonotanzokan Tagowa, Pa Ibrahim Amna, Pastor John Filibus and Mr. Julius Christopher.

In his closing remarks, the sponsor of the event, Professor Tagowa congratulated the players for being the first to compete in a Loofball championship. He also impelled the players to embrace the sport, as a way of keeping fit whilst promoting it.

Finalists of the maiden loofball competition

"It is a thing of pride to know that Nigeria has joined the team of international community in the development and promotion of sports. Today, we're celebrating a unique occasion of this particular game, which is taking place for the first time on the entire globe. If you check or enter your internet, you'll see a sport being developed here in Numan, and the international community has taken cognizance of it; And you are the first teams to compete. While I congratulate you, the entire Nigerian sports and international community is congratulating you". He said.

Players competing

He also advised the inventor of the game, Engr. Winner Vidiyeno Matahula to train more referees, coaches and players.

"I assure you that the sky is your limit; and as people see this game played, definitely you'll have people who'll be prepared to sponsor the development and growth of the game". He added.

To watch highlights of the final, click here.

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