Discover Loofball. Explore Unique Opportunities

Loofball is an exciting, competitive and easy-to-learn team sport that can be played by anyone regardless of their location. Get moving wit…
Discover Loofball. Explore Unique Opportunities

Where Handball Meets Volleyball

Loofball is played by two teams of five players on a unique court divided by a net. As a non-contact sport, it is one of the safest yet vibrant and enthralling sports. The object of the game is to launch a lightweight furry ball over the net in a manner such that the opposite team cannot catch or return the ball.

Jump-shooting involves jumping and shooting the ball over the net, usually when attacking or serving.
Catching is a basic skill in loofball. It implies catching either a shot from an opponent or a pass from a teammate.
Lobbing implies looping the ball over the net in a diagonal fashion or to the opponents' home zone, without jumping.
Chest pass
Chest-passing is the act of passing the ball (with both hands) to a teammate from the chest.
Serving implies putting the ball in play, usually by jump-shooting from the service area.
Digging is a defensive skill used occasionally instead of catching that involves using one or both hands.

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