What is Loofball? By Adam Ibrahim Oluwamayowa

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Loofball is a relatively new sport that Engineer Winner Matahula created in Nigeria. Everyone, young and old would like the sport, which is played on a unique rectangular court. The playing court and the free zone make up the game field. The playing court, which is made up of the home zone and the fore zone, is 17 by 8 meters overall in measurement. The game consist of two teams and each team have a total of 9 players, with 5 in the starting line-up and 4 as substitutes..

The goal of the sport is for a team to win a game by effectively grounding the ball on the opposing team's court, within the bounds of the regulations of the game, or when an opponent makes a mistake. The hand and forearm must be the only body parts the ball touches before being caught.

The ball may only be held or caught by one person at a time. Loofball when inflated measures between 59.7 and 62.8 cm in circumference, 19 to 20 cm in diameter, and weigh between 190 and 240 g. Nonetheless, a size 1 or mini loofball measures 50.3–53.4 cm in circumference, 16–17 cm in diameter, and weighs between 150–190 g. A single surface strand cannot be longer than 2.5 cm. At the center of the court, a raised net that is supported by two posts is required. The net must be at least 1 m wide, 8.5–9 m long, and have a 10 cm square mesh. It must also be white or black in color. The net height must be 2.28 m for ladies and under-20s when measured at the upper border of the net above the olive. 2.30 m for males (senior) and 2.32 m for males (masters).

For further information about the rules of the game, follow the link below.


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